ultra low profile urinal dump valve


  • Low Profile one way valve (check valve ensures no water entry)
  • Balanced valve ensures tube is equalized with drysuit pressure
  • Valve can be unscrewed to urinate
  • Primarily for use underwater
  • Installed as a Made To Order option on new drysuits
  • Condom catheter not included (can be purchased at medical supply stores)
  • Please indicate side preference

Urinal Dump Valve Q & A

  • Urinal Dump Valves, also called Pee Valves allow divers to urinate while underwater.
  • The Valve is attached to the drysuit; the tube from the valve is attached to the diver via a condom catheter.
  • Condom Catheters can be purchased at medical supply stores.
  • Balanced Pee Valves allow the pressure inside the tube to be equalized as the diver descends
  • One way valves in the valve or tube prevents water from backing up into the tube.
  • Most valves have a lock and unlocked position as an additional measure in case the one way valve fails.
Ultra Low Profile Dump Valve
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