Aqua Lung "One Stop"

Aqua Lung International is committed to providing robust, reliable and high performance equipment to all parts of the Military & Professional diving community. Our goal is to be the premier "One Stop" provider of professional grade diving equipment to the diving industry.

Aqua Lung Military & Professional Diving Brands

The Aqua Lung Military and Professional division of Aqua Lung delivers a full "One Stop" range of products for Diving, Surface Swimming, Tactical, Water Rescue, SAR and Aviation Life Support applications. Our global customer base includes military organizations, public safety departments, government agencies and commercial diving companies. Aqua Lung equipment, including the Apeks and Gorski brands, has a reputation for reliability and performance in the most demanding conditions.

Apeks have specialized in the design and manufacture of equipment for military and professional use for over 20 years. The Apeks reputation for high performance and consistently reliable products, across a broad range of end user groups, is the foundation of their continual advancement in this arena. Apeks in-house design, development and manufacturing facilities are unrivalled and enable a flexible response to customer requirements, whether for standard or bespoke applications.

Apeks regulators are the primary choice for UK and Canadian military open circuit diving due to their unrivalled dependability in the most hostile of environments. The UK’s military rebreather systems are also powered by Apeks regulators, manufactured for non-magnetic applications. Apeks, in partnership with their parent company Aqua Lung, developed and supports the Aqua Lung Gorski G3000SS diving helmet. The G3000SS helmet is equipped with the latest generation Apeks regulator and has set new standards in safety and breathing performance for demanding professional diving markets. For aviation users, the PSTASS (Passenger Short Term Air Supply System) is a helicopter Emergency Breathing System accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority for use in the UK.

Gorski, the manufacturer of the original G2000SS diving helmet, joined the Aqua Lung family in 2011. The Gorski Helmet is an innovative design and, when the original version was introduced to the commercial diving market in 2003, it was a game-changer in terms of materials, build quality, robustness and maintainability. Now updated to the highly capable G3000SS version, the Gorski helmet is a strong and complementary fit with the Aqua Lung professional diving business. As a member of the Aqua Lung group, the product and brand benefits from additional resources and the combined expertise of world-class sales, engineering and design teams.

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