SLT Neoprene Neck Seal

For those who prefer neoprene, the Sure Lock Technology (SLT) Neoprene Neck Seal provides exceptional comfort, easy installation and a glide skin that folds in for a watertight seal. Comfort has never been so quick!


  • Neck seal can be installed within minutes
  • Neoprene material provides exceptional comfort
  • Glide skin folds in for a watertight seal
  • For use with the SLT system


2XS/XS (<13” neck)
SM/MD (14-15” neck)
LG/XL (16-16.5” neck)
2XL/3XL (17-17.5” neck)
4XL (>17.5” neck)

How much does the Fusion Weigh?  And what are the general dimensions when folded?

Dimensions are rough guidelines only, weights Do not include the Tropical Bag Each of the sizes have slightly different dimensions – but in general here is what we measured using an electronic scale:
2XS/XS – weighs 4.35 lbs with a rolled length of 18”, and a diameter of about 10”
S/M – weighs 4.75 lbs with a rolled length of 18”, and a diameter of about 10.5”
L/XL – weighs 5.0 lbs with a rolled length of 19” and a diameter of about 10.75”
2XL/3XL – weighs 5.5lbs with a rolled length of 20” and a diameter of about 11”
4XL+ – weighs 6.0lbs with a rolled length of 21” and a diameter of about 11.25”

How Easy is The Fusion to Repair?

The shell of the Fusion is just as easy to repair as our existing line of drysuits. Whether you are changing latex seals or repairing holes, all you need is a patch kit and a heat gun!

Is The Fusion Available in a Custom Cut?

Whites launched a North American Demo Day Tour in Sept. ’07, after several dozen demo days, the number of people that have required a “Made to Measure” Fusion is negligible. The 5 In-Stock sizes that we carry fits virtually everyone. The suit has proven to be great for growing teenagers, curvaceous women, and divers of all shapes and sizes that have previously required a custom cut. This will make it very easy to find a dealer that carries YOUR size! No more guessing. Check out our size chart to find your size!!

Can I put an Attached Latex Hood on My Fusion?

We can absolutely install a latex hood on the Fusion – this process is much the same as installing a hood on any of our other available suits.

Can I Attach Dry Rings to My Fusion?

Permanent wrist rings are available on the fusion drysuit as a Made To Order option. Countless divers are now using our removable dry wrist ring system as well; either of these options are a great accessory for divers subject to cold hands.

Can I get some Vulcanized Boots Installed on My Fusion?

Traditional 7 mm vulcanized boots are not available on the Fusion Drysuit, if you would like an attached boot, the is an excellent option that allows the user to don and doff the drysuit without removing the boots

Can I get a Relief Zipper Installed?

Made to Order Fusion drysuits are available with 10” relief zippers, as an alternative, urinal dump valves are also available, please refer to our options page for more information.

Can I install a Pee Valve on My Fusion?

We have 2 different styles of pee valves available: the ultra low profile urinal dump valve and the mini urinal dump valve. Either of these styles can be installed on the Fusion. Please indicate side preference.

How Durable Is the Outside Skin on the Fusion?

The most common risk in diving is scraping your suit on something sharp – whether it is coral, steel, or barnacles. With the Fusion this is not a concern. Not only does the outer skin act as a protective layer over the “dry” layer, but lycra is not that susceptible to being cut – it would have to be stretched to its maximum stretch, held in place, and then cut with a very sharp edge before it would tear.
Even if you did decide you needed another skin, you can simply take the old skin off (via Velcro at sleeves, feet and zipper) and purchase a new one.

We do realize that there is a perception that lycra is not durable – for that reason we recommend the tech skin or the Limited Edition Skin. Both skins offer a 1mm neoprene skin for excellent abrasion resistance.

How do I trim my Seals? (video)

Given the wide variety of body shapes and sizes that the new Fusion drysuit can accommodate, whites is using cone seals for all Fusion suits. Many divers will already be familiar with the need to trim neck seals, but we encourage we to watch the above video prior to trimming your seals.

If you do not feel comfortable trimming your seals please contact Whites Manufacturing to have a qualified sales person walk you through the process. If you wish to order replacement seals please contact your Whites authorizes dealer.

How do I install the exhaust valve? (video)

I purchased a new Fusion skin, How do I cut a new valve hole? (video)

New fusion skins do not have the exhaust valve hole cut out, as valve placement may be on the bicep or the forearm. Please watch this short video on how to cut a hole for your exhaust valve

How do I change the skin on my Fusion Drysuit? (video)

How do I maintain my Fusion Drysuit? (video)

How do I put on my Fusion drysuit? (video)

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