Seal Lock Technology

We’ve all been there suited up, looking forward to the dive and suddenly a torn neck seal or worn out wrist seal. The choice: an uncomfortable (wet) dive or, cancel the dive until repairs can be made.

With Whites Seal Lock Technology the fix is simple. Seal-Lock Technology (SLT), is a modular seal replacement system that incorporates a neck ring retainer and compression fit.
Simple, innovative, and convenient, SLT enables quick and easy change out of worn or torn seals in the field and best of all, anyone can do it.
SLT can be used with either Polytex or Silicone seals and is a must have option for any dive professional.

Seal Lock Technology System (SLT)

Part No. 62520 SLT Neck System w/Polytex Hood/Neckseal combo

Part No. 62521
SLT Neck System w/Polytex Neckseal only

Part No. 62460
SLT Neck System w/Silicone* Neckseal only

Part No. 62461
SLT System to include Neck & Wrist Ring System w/Silicone* seals (no hood)


  • Allows seal replacement in minutes without any gluing.
  • Can be used with a Hood/Neckseal combo.
  • Can be used with a Silicone neckseal.
  • Will reduce repair costs and down time.
  • Allows for multiple divers with different neck sizes to use the same suit.
  • Replacement seals cost the same as glued on seals.
  • Installation tool included.
*Silicone seals not recommended for use in Contaminated Water

Hood/Neckseal Combo for SLT Neck System

Part no. 62518


  • Polytex hood with built in neckseal.
  • Field replaceable
  • Comes with universal trim-to-fit neckseal

SLT Neck Inner Ring (Yellow)

Part No. 62458


  • Tough yellow ring used to lock seal in the SLT system.

SLT Neck Installation Tool

Part No. 62459


  • Used for easy installation of seals in the SLT System.

Seal Lock Technology
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