Kodiak 360 DRYSUIT

Featuring full wrap Captive Suspension Flex panels at the waist and thighs, the 360° is all about maximum mobility and comfort. The fit range for the KODIAK 360 makes it a highly popular military drysuit.


  • Patented Captive Suspension Panels around waist and knees for flexibility.
  • Tough Quadflex nylon.
  • 2 pocket Matrix Base Plates & 1 Compak Pocket.
  • Polytex neckseal and bell shaped wrist seals.
  • Air control knee pads.
  • Supplied with Multi-Laminate Shell Socks that match perfectly with EVO boots.
  • Includes Internal Suspenders, Inflator Hose, and drysuit bag.


S, SK, M, MK, L, LK, XL, XLK, 2XL, 3X



* KODIAK 360 shown with optional SLT neck ring system, wrist rings, and EVO Boots

Kodak 360


Black Quadflex or Woodland Camouflage 420 Denier Bi -laminate material.


Seams: Internal seams are high-pressure heat-sealed with polyurethane tape.
Exterior seams are made of heavy-weight nylon-reinforced thread.


Captive Suspension Logo Whites patented Captive Suspension System is our unique innovation, to create a smooth, snug fit while incorporating an unprecedented amount of flex and mobility. Employing a snug, stretchy outer layer of Air8 material, our process encapsulates generous high stretch/high flex zones to keep the suit snug and in place on your body.
The result is increased comfort and expandability with greatly reduced drag and a more natural, trim fit.




Designed for commercial and sport dry suit use.
Construction: Base fabric is strong, durable and flexible. 4x4 Supplex, multilayered into waterproof membranes impregnated into the basic fabric.
Characteristics: Engineered to provide the ultimate in flexibility, comfort, durability and light-weight dry suit performance.
Ideal Use: Specified for premium sport and commercial shell dry suits.
Air 8

CSS Air8

Construction: Designed for flexibility and comfort, this is a rugged three-layer fabric featuring an easily washable, porous anti-bacterial nylon outer layer.
Characteristics: Medium stretch, flexible and abrasion resistant.
Ideal Use: Engineered specially for demanding sports.
Exterior Layer: 0.25mm thick protective outer ToughTek nylon stretch jersey.
Middle Layer: 1mm perforated stretchy neoprene foam.
Interior Layer: 0.25mm durable laminate nylon jersey antibacterial inner layer. Medium stretch, good abrasion resistance. Selected for its comfort and feel.
Available in sizes: S, SK, M, MK, L, LK, XL, XLK, 2XL, 3XL
MTO Made to Order
MTM Made to Measure custom cut

Made To Order (MTO) drysuits can be ordered to suit your specific needs. Choose one of the above stock sizes and simply indicate which of the iinstalled options you would like on your drysuit. Additional charges may apply.

Made To Measure (MTM) drysuits are computer custom cut drysuits ordered to suit your specific needs. In conjunction with your authorized dealer, refer to our How to Measure page, fill out all measurements on the MTM form page 2 AND indicate which of the installed options you would like on your drysuit. Additional charges may apply.

Kodiak 360

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