Breathable Inner Layer for Fusion Drysuits

The Fusion AirCore inner layer adds a new dimension to the unmatched flexibility and performance of all Fusion drysuits. Replacing the standard DryCore inner layer, the breathable AirCore provides superior comfort by significantly reducing pre/post dive surface overheating and is easier to don and doff. The Fusion AirCore is designed to outlast and outperform other breathable drysuits. For tactical users the Fusion AirCore is quieter than the standard, non-breathable, DryCore version.


  • AirCore breathable fabric keeps user dry, warm, and comfortable.
  • Oversized cut reduces seam and material stress for enhanced durability.
  • AirCore has 25-50% fewer seams to reduce potential for leaks.
  • Rapid Zip (RZ) System for fast drying and rapid skin changes for all diving conditions.
  • Automatically adapts for varied thicknesses of undergarments for all water temperatures.
  • Adapts to individual body shape providing customized fit with outstanding mobility and superior comfort.
  • Supplied with Seal Lock Technology (SLT) as standard for quick and easy in-field seal repairs.
  • Allows easier donning and doffing due to its smoother inner surface.
  • Quieter for tactical operations compared to the non-breathable DryCore.
  • Available for Fusion Tactical/L.E. and SAR drysuits, Dive and Swimmer (no-valve) versions.
*Sport version in blue shown for visual clarity of separate layers. Professional version is black.


2XS/XS, S/M, L/XL,2XL/3XL, 4XL/L+


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