Fusion Tech Drysuit

Tech skin features rugged 1 mm neoprene and HD-lycra construction. Heavy duty brass YKK dry zipper. Drawstring bag, zipper wax and inflator hose included. Deluxe suspender system with thermo formed back pad included.

Take your diving to the next level with the Fusion Tech. The Tech skin incorporates 1mm neoprene in high wear areas providing durability, while strategiclly placed lycra stretch panels provide incredible flexibility.


  • The Tech Skin is designed with 1 mm neoprene for added abrasion resistance in high wear areas and heavy duty Lycra panels in high stretch areas. This optimal combination creates the perfect marriage of mobility and durability.
  • The Tech Skin attaches and removes easily from the DryCore via Velcro fasteners at the wrists, ankles and zipper.
  • All seams flat locked sewn for stretch and durability.
  • PU coated knees provide excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Expandable bellows thigh pockets included.
  • Deluxe suspender system with thermo formed back pad.
  • Comes with traveller drawstring bag, inflator hose and zipper wax.


Prices and packaging shown are only valid for Canada, and the Continental U.S.


2XS/XS, S/M, L/XL, 2XL/3XL, 4XL+


Solid black


The 2 layer DryCORE Advantage

No other dry suit in the world can match the mobility of the Fusion. The internal loose cut DryCORE is held in place by the independent outer stretch skin providing unrestricted movement in your arms, legs, and torso.


Oversized inner DryCORE constructed of military grade, 210 denier bi-laminate, integrates the dry zipper and seals, fits a wide size range, and does not restrict movement.

External Skin

Durable, replaceable exterior skin protects and compresses the DryCORE but does not restrict movement.

Drycore technology provides 7 unique benefits that no other dry suit can match

  • Flexibility - OVERSIZED inner DryCORE combined with the stretchy outer skin allows unrivaled mobility.
  • Fits better than custom - Exterior skin streamlines the DryCORE to the divers body providing a custom fit.
  • Dives like a wetsuit - Exterior compression skin eliminates “bubble” transfer throughout the suit by distributing the air evenly.
  • 5 Sizes - DryCORE technology allows 5 sizes to fit virtually any diver.
  • Modular Diving System - Exterior skin can be removed and replaced with different models and designs.
  • One suit, any environment - Customize your undergarment to your diving environment. The Fusion will stretch or compress to accomodate.
  • Durability - Inner DryCORE manufactured with military grade bi-laminate material is protected from abrasion by the exterior skin. Replace the skin, not the suit!

Fusion Sport

Download and print the Fusion Size Chart.

Fusion Size Chart

2XS - XS







5’1” - 5’5”

5’5” - 5’9”

5’9” - 6’1”

6’0” - 6’4”

6’0” – 6’10”


155 - 165 Cm

165 - 175 Cm

175 - 185 Cm

183 - 193 Cm

183 - 208 Cm



90 - 130 lbs

120 - 170 lbs

160 - 210l bs

200 - 250 lbs

230 – 350 lbs


41 - 59 Kg

55 - 77 Kg

73 - 95 Kg

91 - 114 Kg

105 - 160 Kg



30” - 37”

35” - 41”

39” - 45”

43” - 49”

45” – 58”


76 - 94 Cm

89 - 105 Cm

99 - 114 Cm

109 - 125

114 - 148 Cm



22” - 31”

27” - 36”

31”- 40”

35” - 44”

41” – 58”


56 - 79 Cm

69 - 91 Cm

79 - 102 Cm

89 - 112 Cm

104 - 147 Cm



27” - 36”

32” - 41”

36” - 45”

40” - 49”

46” – 58”


69 -91 Cm

81 - 104 Cm

91 - 114 Cm

102 - 124 Cm

117 - 147 Cm

Crotch To Floor


26” - 29”

29” - 32”

30” - 33”

32” - 35”

33” – 38”


66 - 74 Cm

74 - 81 Cm

76 - 84 Cm

81 - 89 Cm

84 - 97 Cm

Relief Systems

The Fusion may be ordered as a Made to Order drysuit with your choice between 2 urinal dump valves: the SiTech mini urinal dump valve and the Ultra low profile dump valve. Both urinal dump valves are balanced and allow the user to open and close the exterior valve; please indicate side preference when ordering.

Urinal Dump Valve Q & A
  • Urinal Dump Valves, also called Pee Valves allow divers to urinate while underwater.
  • The Valve is attached to the drysuit; the tube from the valve is attached to the diver via a condom catheter.
  • Condom Catheters can be purchased at medical supply stores.
  • Balanced Pee Valves allow the pressure inside the tube to be equalized as the diver descends.
  • One way valves in the valve or tube prevent water from backing up into the tube.
  • Most valves have a lock and unlocked position as an additional measure in case the one way valve fails.

Features for the Ultra low profile dump valve
  • Low Profile one way valve (check valve ensures no water entry)
  • Balanced valve ensures tube is equalized with drysuit pressure
  • Valve can be unscrewed to urinate
  • Primarily for use underwater
  • Installed as a Made To Order option on new drysuits
  • Condom catheter not included (can be purchased at medical supply stores)
  • Please indicate side preference

Relief Zippers

10” relief zippers are available as an optional accessory on Made to Order Fusion Drysuits.
Ultra Low Profile Dump Valve
Ultra low profile dump valve
SiTech Mini Urinal Dump Valve
SiTech mini urinal dump valve

Relief Zipper
Belows Style Pocket


  • Bellows style pocket for maximum capacity.
  • New 11" x 6" pocket size to meet technical standards
  • Drain outlet for proper waterflow.
  • Expanding lock stitch and 1mm neoprene ensures no loss of mobility.
  • 2 grommets for bungee cord attachment.
  • Velcro enclosure and pull tab for easy entry and closure.
*Not available on the Sport skin

Permanent Dry Rings

Dry hands not only keep your hands dry and warm, but they also improve dexterity! Made to Order Fusion drysuits are available with Permanent wrist rings. A removable dry wrist ring system is also available.
permanent wrist ring
Permanent Wrist RingsThe Permanent wrist rings can be used in conjunction with our Blue Commercial Dry Glove Clamp System

Removable Wrist Rings
Removable Wrist Rings

glove rings and gloves
Glove Rings and Gloves

Neoprene vs. Polytex Seals

“All Fusion drysuits come with Polytex seals, however, Made to Order Fusion Drysuits may be ordered with neoprene neck and /or wrist seals

Fusion Boots

Whites Manufacturing has just released a new set of Patented Fusion Boots! With the launch of the Whites Fusion, many divers have been seeking a lower profile, lighter-weight, travel-friendly boot. These new boots allow the user to select their size, attach the boot to their Fusion, and leave it attached for countless dives!

This new design allows users to slip their foot in and out of the drysuit sock without having to remove the boot from the sock. The new design offers the following:
  • Low-profile - users will not need new fins
  • Easy to don and doff
  • Incredibly light-weight
  • Allow more air into the feet for better warmth
  • Fin Keeper for proper fin placement
  • Streamlined design is perfect for the Fusion
Fusion Boot
Fusion Boot Attachment
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